Getting Started

Recently, I shifted my focus to Agile coaching.  I have always done bits of this in my role as Project Manager at our company (we’re a scrum shop), but this is a fundamental shift in my primary responsibility.

I kicked things off by reading Lyssa Adkins’ excellent Coaching Agile Teams.  One major impression it made was the idea that one is never truly finished learning how to be an Agile coach.  Indeed, that’s part of the draw.  It suggested a path that reminded me a little of my (admittedly minimal) forays into sitting meditation: not only would I learn things I expected to learn, even my understanding of what I did not know would shift.

This multi-layered continuous learning is already coming to be, and I am regretting not starting this blog earlier to capture it.  Going to add a couple of posts to try to capture those.

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