My name is Matthieu Cornillon.  I have wandered through a bunch of different roles, landing in early 2011 in the project management department at a software company using Scrum.  Deeply involved in the company’s original move to Scrum, our department was heavily invested in stewardship of organizational agility.  In late 2013, after a bit of a slide towards traditional project management, we overhauled our department, switching to a nearly exclusive focus on Agile Coaching.  As I began the transition, I started this blog to capture my observations about learning how to do it.

Why “growing truffles”?  You can’t just plant truffles.  You can only arrange the conditions propitious to their growth, stand back, and let nature take its course.  Seems an apt analogy for coaching Agile teams.

Please follow me on Twitter, and I will try my best to write vaguely interesting or at least amusing things from time to time to make it worth your while: @growingtruffles.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. What is your twitter name? I was just about to post how much I am enjoying your blog but was missing that info. I really am enjoying it. You have such a clear way of writing about the push-pull inside us and around us.

  2. Thanks, Lyssa! I’ve updated this page with my Twitter name, and I’ve also set the share links to include it. I’m not sure if I did it right, as I am well behind the times on understanding how this all works. I’m one of those people that SNL skits mock when they have the 40-something fellow say, “I just twerked a blig post on the Google.” When did I fall so out of touch? Sheesh.

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